Kenya Coat of Arms

Say Africa! Coat of arms

A Cultural Exchange program Sponsored by the Orange Grove Preservation Association in cooperation with Woodcrest Farm


The growth in the US of homesteading is driven by a desire to reduce dependence on a complex infrastructure in order to live simply and fruitfully. Elements of this lifestyle are:

  • Growing and raising your own food
  • Green energy sources
  • low carbon footprint
  • Sustainable stuff
  • Blacksmithing
  • Traditional craft

Ugandans live this way all the time. They need composting, solar power, and introduction of new crops.

We believe other stuff too.

Theology and Religion play a much larger role in developing countries. The church is often the only organized community in an area, and thus is the most effective way to introduce new practices, ommunity health, economic stuff, and promote ethical conduct in government and business. In many countries, co-existence of Muslims and Christians can be a model for the US. In Busesa Uganda about 40% are Muslims, 60% Christians and have a unique perspective on interfaith relationships.