Kenya Coat of Arms

Say Africa! Coat of arms

A Cultural Exchange program Sponsored by the Orange Grove Preservation Association in cooperation with Woodcrest Farm

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  • To promote mutual understanding between East African and North Carolina rural communities.
  • To educate North Carolinians about E. African rural culture and people
  • To foster economic growth in rural Uganda and Kenyan through agriculture
  • Expose E. Africans to US rural history, values, and institutions
  • Exchange agricultural skills
  • Trade technology and build bridges


  • Fill Agricultural Intern positions at Woodcrest Farm and other Orange County farms with E. African students who have agricultural experience and are interested in careers in agriculture in their home countries
  • Woodcrest interns are provided housing and meals while working at the farm. During their stay, African students will be introduced to American sustainable farming practices,
  • Ugandan and Kenyan students will introduce Americans to E. African language, history, culture, food, and agricultural technology by hosting workshops, cultural events, photo shows, and school visits.

Benefits for E. African participants

  • Participants are introduced to agricultural technology and best practices for organic and sustainable farming which can then be introduced to their local environment on their return to their countries of origin
  • Participants are exposed to NC rural lifestyle, farming economics, legal and political issues in farming, and NC agricultural infrastructure
  • Participants are exposed to US political and cultural values which (despite what seems to us a dysfunctional mess) are worth exporting

Benefits for US Hosts and Communities

  • Host Farms will receive the benefit of motivated workers with a goal of mastering agricultural skills
  • Communities will benefit from contact with other cultures, religions, art, and literature

Activities / Elements

  • Woodcrest Farm Internships
    • Produce Gardening
    • Livestock / Dairy
    • Poultry
    • Farm Management (Cost Accounting, Business Planning)
    • Agricultural Technology
  • Cultural Exchange
    • School programs
    • African Fabric Arts projects
    • Rural Music and Art
    • Charcoal Brazier Cooking