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A Cultural Exchange program Sponsored by the Orange Grove Preservation Association in cooperation with Woodcrest Farm


Woodcrest Farm

Woodcrest Farm is a working family farm, much like it was 100 years ago. We practice what has become known as sustainable agriculture: using natural methods to raise both livestock and organic produce for local markets. Our Heritage programs take root in Orange Grove, providing a connection to local culture and ecology, to our rural legacy and the story of this land. Woodcrest Farm School is a year-round learning center for all ages.

This has always been a “family farm” - which means that, in today’s agricultural market, it is too small to be profitable in the usual agri-business model. Our strategy has been to develop niche markets: grass-fed Dexter beef, farm-raised pork, dairy cattle and goats, free-range chickens, and organically raised produce. All of these activities can coexist, use the land gently, and be economically practical for a family farm.


Orange Grove Preservation Association

The Orange Grove Preservation Association is a North Carolina not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to preserve rural agriculture and skills. Specificlly:

  • To preserve the rural agriculture skills of the early 20th century, focusing primarily on the use of horse-powered farming equipment and household appliances of the pre-electrification era
  • Preserve horse-drawn equipment and household appliances of this era and the common skills necessary to use and maintain them
  • Foster education and research in the rural culture and skills predominant in the early 20th century so as to maintain an inventory of local talent and familiarity with these crafts and skills.
  • Provide public exposure to the skills and culture of the pre-mechanized south
  • Promote the identification and preservation of historical structures in the Orange Grove / Cane Creek area.